Rock Yard

Whether your project needs decorative rock to cover bare ground or freshen up existing rock. We have many varieties. If you are needing larger rock for drainage needs or erosion issues, Mortimer’s can help. We have boulders to add interest to your landscaping. We stock Phoenix Pavers and Territorial Tierra-Norte native in 6″ x 6″ and 6″ x 9”. Flagstone can be used for many projects. We sell it by piece or by pallet.

Landscape Materials:

  • Decorative  Rock : 1 inch and ½ inch   A wide variety of color choices
  • Salt River Rock : In a variety of sizes
  • Creek Rock : In a variety of sizes
  • Gravel :  P-gravel to driveway gravel
  • Sand : concrete sand, mortar sand, concrete mix, AB  and DG
  • Soils : fill dirt, topsoil and super soil
  • Mulches : coarse medium and fine
  • Pavers : Phoenix pavers in variety of colors
  • Flagstone : variety of colors  by piece or pallet
  • Landscape Fabric