About Us


      • Gary Mortimer grew up in Iowa where he and his family owned a corn and soy bean farm. When Gary was in middle school his mom decided she was over the cold Iowa winters and needed to move somewhere warmer. She and Gary found themselves in Phoenix, Arizona.
      • In high school Gary worked for landscaping and nursery companies in Phoenix and found his passion for plants and design. After high school the company he was working for sent him to Prescott for a small landscape project. He fell in love and soon began trying to convince the company to let him start a branch in Prescott. They did not agree but Gary still decided he needed to go North!
      • Gary started Mortimer Landscaping Company in 1987. He added Mortimer Nursery to the mix in December of 1995. In 1996 he met his soon to be wife, Sharla. They grew the business and began their lives together. Now Gary, Sharla, and their 4 kids enjoying the life that they have built over the years. The family finds themselves growing their nursery business, and enjoying their passion for ranching, farming, and caring for the land, animals, and the environment. The Mortimer family invites you and your family to visit Mortimer Nursery and enjoy the beautiful color, fresh air, and great plant smell!